The peak industry body for potatoes, Potatoes South Australia Incorporated, will launch its website today. This long-awaited site will be the major communication tool used by the whole-of-value chain organisation to connect with its members, stakeholders, the broader industry and the wider community.

Relationship-building has been key to the organisation’s momentum and expansion across industry sectors and across borders; its goal is to set the benchmark for service provision for its members and the industry.

The website will have a dedicated ‘members only’ area with membership available to anyone with an interest in the potato industry. Categories include full membership for growers and associate membership for all others in the value chain.

Information includes the history of the potato and the organisation, industry sectors, state, national and international industry statistics and reports, workforce issues, biosecurity at state and national levels, R&D projects and current projects being undertaken by the organisation. There is also considerable emphasis on the consumer, including valuable nutritional information and gastronomy.

Robbie Davis, CEO of Potatoes South Australia Incorporated, is keen to see the website used as the industry’s electronic ‘bible’. “We are determined to provide relevant, ‘in touch’ and up-to-date information which the industry needs and values,” Ms Davis said.

“Our members and stakeholders will largely determine the website’s content and future direction and we will look to them for advice,” she added. “Our aim is to combine function and form in the creation of a contemporary, user-friendly, relevant, global networking product. The site will be continually improved with more and more functions coming on line in the next weeks.”

Potatoes South Australia is the representative organisation for the potato industry which is the state and nation’s largest horticultural sector. It provides a range of relevant value- adding quality services to foster growth and development at every link of the value chain.

A “not for profit” membership-based incorporated association, Potatoes South Australia provides the voice for seed producers, fresh market growers, processing growers, packers, processors, marketers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, restaurants and consumers.

This is a ‘first’ in the Australian potato industry and the organisation has been established following expansive industry consultation.

Built by Arris Pty Ltd, the website will provide the latest industry news and media in addition to a monthly e-newsletter and LinkedIn and Twitter functions.


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