The ‘Block of 4’ approach to business continuity and interstate trade was first developed by Potatoes South Australia and AuSPICA in 2017.  With the support of the wider industry over several years, the concept to ensure business continuity was taken to the Plant Health Committee for consideration.

The significant outcome is that:

The movement of fresh and processing potatoes tubers will occur across state borders in the event of an incursion of TPP (with or without CLso) in the Eastern states.

This provides a far greater level of assurance in the event of an incursion and stronger support for continued trade.  Risk assessments are being finalised in each state jurisdiction and the conditions will be developed and written into state legislation.

Seed potatoes are not mentioned in the communique, however, the Ausveg National TPP Coordinator , Alan Nankivell, will be facilitating workshops to find a way forward for the interstate movement of seed.

This process has demonstrated that the government is reliant on industry providing evidence-based information which can enable practical solutions to be made for industry benefit.   

It has been a long process but not without the necessary due diligence.

On behalf of the Association, thank you to Ross Meffin and his team at PIRSA Biosecurity SA for assisting in the process and to Ausveg for its contribution to the PHC.

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